Award Winner 2019

Nicholas Bloom


Stanford University


For his outstanding research contributions on the relationship between management and innovation and his studies on the effect of uncertainty on business.

Eric von Hippel was one of the first scientists to recognize the importance of users as a source of ideas for innovation and the development of new products. Certain users have stronger needs for improved product performance than other users on the market or feel a specific need earlier than others do. Such so-called “lead users” typically try to improve existing products themselves, rather than waiting for manufacturers to innovate. Companies can benefit from lead users by involving them in the innovation process and, if possible, putting their innovation proposals into mass production.

Research by Eric von Hippel and his colleagues has shown that lead users are responsible for the majority of innovation, especially in the development of scientific equipment and banking services.

In addition to the theory of lead users, Professor von Hippel has also made important contributions to the research of open source innovations. In his book "Free Innovation", Professor von Hippel describes how innovations are developed by users and then made available to others free of charge. Such free innovations increase the social welfare of economies.

Curriculum Vitae


1996-2001 University College London (Economics), Ph.D.

1994-1996 Oxford University, St. Peters College (Economics), M.Phil.

1991-1994 Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College (Economics), B.A.

since 2015 Stanford University, William D. Eberle Professor of Economics

since 2012 Stanford University, Professor of Economics, SIEPR Senior Fellow and Graduate School of Business Professor by Courtesy

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Award ceremony, July 7th, 2019:

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Prof. Dr. Nils Crasselt, Dean of the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics

Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch, President of the University of Wuppertal

Prof. Dr. Norbert Koubek, Chairman of the Schumpeter School Foundation

Andreas Feicht, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Prof. Dr. Werner Bönte, Chair of Industrial Organisation and Innovation

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